Pacchetti Dog Park
in Seaside CA.

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Pacchetti Dog Park is a community dog park run by volunteers. Our park has 1.7 acres that run along Kimball Ave ending at Noche Buena St. where dogs can get “up to speed” and get it “out of their system.” A separate area for small dogs and a path swept daily by volunteers, our park has trees, sun, sometimes a cool wind, and a bit of ocean view.


Regular Board Meetings held @6:00 (NEW TIME) on the second Thursday of every month at the Oldemeyer Center in Seaside, 986 Hilby Ave in the Seahorse room. All are welcome.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 30, 10-2 Pacchetti Dog Park Cleanup Day Our park needs your help! The weeds are taking over the park and the foxtails will soon become a danger to your dogs. The DLI students are willing to come once a month on the last Saturday of every month to help maintain the park. This park is run and maintained by volunteers! PLEASE DO YOUR PART! If you cannot volunteer, please consider sending in a donation. Lopez & Sons Tree Service is DONATING the wood chips to the park on a regular basis. That is a huge cost saver to the park. He is bringing out a crew to dig down some of the dirt so the chips will stay and removing many of the weeds, especially along the fence line. We do have to pay for this service, as he has to pay his crew. That is where your donation would go. Remember, this is your park!

Thursday, April 11, @ 6:00pm Next Board meeting.

Pacchetti Dog Park
PO Box 1655
Seaside, CA 93955

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