Pacchetti Dog Park
in Seaside CA.

About Pacchetti Dog Park

The Name

William C. Pacchetti (1902—1974) served as the first paid Fire Chief of Seaside for 28 years before retiring in 1969. He was a beloved member of the community. At 2:00 every day during the week, he would get in his red fire car and go to the elementary schools to make sure all the kids were safe and got home okay. Every Christmas the Post Office would deliver all the letters the children in Seaside had written to Santa Claus. He, and his firefighters, would answer every letter, sometimes including a few strands from old Santa’s beard in the replies. The City of Seaside named the park after Chief Pacchetti in 1976. “He loved dogs” says his daughter Joy Godwin. His legacy lives on at the Pacchetti Dog Park.

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